The members of the MFCA would like to thank our patrons and our vendors for making our 70th Annual Show and Mart a success. Your support allows us to provide a venue for the artists to exhibit their work, and for collectors to enjoy the hobby.
MFCA Show Awards 2011

The Show Committee Awards

The Show committee and Sponsored awards are for exhibits outside the scope of the main exhibition, and to encourage the display of certain types of exhibits.

Best Napoleonic
"Plundering in the Pfalz", by Greg DiFranco
Best Ancient
"Roman Legatus", by Claude Moreau
Best Medieval
"Francis I, King of France", by Mario Venturi
Best Revolutionary War
"Like a Mountain Avalanche", by Jason Whitman
Best Old Toy Soldier
Dimestore conversions by Rodger Dubois
Best New Toy Soldier
Tradition Prussian grenadiers by Ben King
Best Fantasy
"Wolfen Rune Priest", by Adrian Bay
Best Sci-Fi
"The Shaman", by Peitro Bolloni
Best Flat
"St. George and the Dragon", by Chuck Smith
Best Wild West
"Quiet Moment", by Christian Petite
Best Civil War
"Confederate Reconnaissance 1863", by Doug Cohen
"Under Fire", by John Rosengrant
Best Native American
"The Son of the She-Wolf", by Christian Petite
Best Non-Military
"Frazetta", by Fletcher Clement
Special Category Award
Flat art paintings by Pete Culos
The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award for the Best American GI
Ed Schaefer, for his entire display of US Marines

Outside Sponsored Awards
Atelier Aket Award
"Duel by the Nile River 1799", by Volpe & Taucer
Delaware Valley Scale Modelers, Best Aircraft
Fokker Triplane, by Andy Tedtsen
Delaware Valley Scale Modelers, Best Armor
Panzer III, by Manny Rodriguez

Junior Awards

No certificates were awarded this year
Best Junior Award
"E Adesso come lo Porto a casa", by Marina Antonio De Gaetano