The members of the MFCA would like to thank our patrons and our vendors for making our 72nd Annual Show and Mart a success. Your support allows us to provide a venue for the artists to exhibit their work, and for collectors to enjoy the hobby.

MFCA Show Awards 2013
The Show Committee Awards
The Show committee and Sponsored awards are for exhibits outside the scope of the main exhibition, and to encourage the display of certain types of exhibits.

Best Napoleonic
"The Spoils of War", by Jim DeRogatis

Best Ancient
"Chinese Knight" by Volpe and Taucer

Best Medieval
"Cavaliere Ordine Teutonico Thirteenth Century", by Luca Baldino and Giorgio Taucer

Best Revolutionary War
"21st Regiment", by Don Johnson

Best Old Toy Soldier
No awards this year

Best New Toy Soldier
No awards this year

Best Fantasy
No awards this year

Best Sci-Fi
No awards this year

Best Flat Figure (sponsored by The Little Tine Soldier)
"Tete Byzantine Blonde" by Catherine Cesario

Best Wild West
"Scout 1876", by Claudio Clemente

Best Civil War
"General Buford" by Rod Curtis

"Jump to Hell" by Diego Ruina

Best Native American
No awards this year

Best Non-Military
"News form the Sudan" by Fernando Volpe and Danilo Cartacci

Special Category Award
(This year we have a tie: "5th Maryland 1814" painting by Peter Culos & "Onions" by Penny Meyer

The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award for the Best American GI
"Jump to hell - US Paratrooper", by Diego Ruina

Outside Sponsored Awards
AFM Club Montrouge Award
No awards this year

Delaware Valley Scale Modelers, Best Aircraft
"A-14 Sky Raider" by Joe Wagner

Delaware Valley Scale Modelers, Best Armor
"Panzer III Kursk 1943" by Andy Gulden

Junior Awards
Certificates of Excellence
No awards this year

Best Junior Award
"Woodland Fairy" by Delaney Whitman


Ordnance (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Al LaFleche - M1025
Rick Verriest - HMS Antelope

Ordnance (Open) Division - Certificates:
ED Schaefer - Afrika Korps PzKw III

Advanced (Painters) - Certificates:
No awards this year

Advanced (Open) - Certificates:
No awards this year
Fantasy (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Tom Kilgore - Yuan Yuan
Jim Richey - Year, Water buffalo miniature
David Oswalt - It's but a flesh wound
Ron Harrison - Nocturna @ Tempo
Al LaFleche - The Raider
Robert Norman - Thorn
Rick Stambaugh - Dracula

Historical (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Rich DiBennedetto - Chasseur a cheval
Warren Yaun - Major General Winfield Hancock
Michel D'Avignon - Lt. Stephens
Don Johnson - 21st Regiment
Jim Molinaro - Grouchy
Charles Wingerter - Highland archer
Mike Cobb - Coronet
Bill Henry - US Cavalry Officer
Margarita Kariotellis - Giuliemos Teles
John Conway - At Ease
Joe Morris - Old guys rule
Jim Richey - 79th Cameron Highlander
Ed Schaefer - USMC Yudan Korea 1950
Richard Marotta - 101st airborne
Harry Crossley - Busts
James Powles - Goddess Theia
Brian Ford - Old Guard Grenadier
Rhodes Davis - Irish Drummer
Phillip Rubin - Germanic Warrior
Rich Verriest - Riding the Storm

Fantasy (Open) Division - Certificates:
Tom Kilgore - Hosting Angel

Historical (Open) Division - Certificates:
Robert Norman - Apple Jack
Pete Huryk - Sinbads Nightmare Duel
Guy Delillo - Meet me at the Cafe Coutre
Jerry Rutman - Near Chenx, June 1944
Mike Pierce - South Carolina Royalist

Ordnance Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Paul Tomczak-SDKFZ 250/9
Iain Hamilton - Napoleon Complex
George Eyerman - M2A2 Mae West

Fantasy Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Kevin Dunne - Bleeding Hobbit
Rick Girardin - Reverend Dudley
Harry Crossley - Cause of the werewolf
George Eyerman - Wave
Kenneth Hunt - Neil Andrythal
Jim Hug - Nurgle Demon Prince
Mike Cobb - Street Musician

Advanced (Painters) - Bronze Medals:
No awards this year

Historical Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Roberto Gabrielli - Officer Irlandaise
Patrick Kirk - Prussian Cuirassier
Jack Muldoon - 92nd Highlander
Edward Cepauskas - Viking
Tim Kilgore - Black Beard
Craig Whitaker - Sutherland Highlander
Richard Poisson - Private Gordon Highlanders
John Wlas - Mohawk
Adrien Blain - Robin Longstride
John Jeffries - Robin and Templar
Phil Villanueva - Ten penny Jezail
Walt Damon - Abe Lincoln
Pat Deluhery - the Embrace
Dee Moore - Pair of Civil War Demi Rounds
Robert Norman - Templar
Wendy Rafalski - BAR Gunner
Al LaFleche - Native Americans
Troy Dobson - Greek Hoplite
Jim Eicker - Iron Man
Paul Tomczak - Veloceraptors

Ordnance (Open) - Bronze Medals:
Georg Eyerman - SDKFZ 233
Richard Poisson - Libya 1942

Advanced (Open) - Bronze Medals:
No awards this year

Fantasy Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Kenneth Hunt - Two headed Terror
Mike Schaefer - Border Dispute
Neil Stokes - Yes your ass does look fat
Adrian Debattistaz - King Conan
Rick Stumbaugh - Nosferatu
Troy Dobson - Wizard
Kevin Townsend - None but the dead shall pass

Historical Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Giulio Centanni - Zappatore
Ivo Preda - Francois Xavier de Schwarz
John Sparmblack - Farewell autie
Bill Donahue - The bugler

Ordnance (Painters) - Silver Medals:
Tony Fradkin - T-34/41
David Oswalt - French M-21 "Bison" Dien
Steve Andreano - 17/25 Pounder
Joe Wagner - 1/72 Hawker Typhoon
Mike Salzano - Panzer IIB
Mark Soltez - Golden Hind
Rick Stambaugh - Firefly VC

Ordnance (Open) - Silver Medals:
Mike Salzano - German 77mm Field Gun
Mike Wolfe - Opel Blitz with 2cm Flak
Loren Johnson - 13 inch Seacoast Mortar – 1861
Steve Andreano - Twin .50 cal on Flak 30
Kevin Townsend - Klien Panzerbefelswagen

Advanced (Painters) - Silver Medals:
No awards this year

Advanced (Open) - Silver Medals:
No awards this year

Fantasy Painters Division - Silver Medals:
Wendy Rafalski - Krimmilds Revenge
John Espy - The Hunter
Richard Poisson - Predicateur
David Powell - Bruiser Cub
Rhodes Davis - Wolfen
Mike Schaefer- Brotherhood of the assassins
Patrick Kirk - Space Marine

Historical Painters Division - Silver Medals:
Jim Johnston - Gunter von Schwarzburg
David Oswalt - Officer Japanese Cavalry
Terry Neesham - Arch Duke Charles
Lydie Queyroi - Back Soon
Philippe DuBois - Horatius at the bridge
Mark Soltez - Atilla the hun
Kevin Townsend - The minstrels
David Youngquist - You had me at ahoy
Andy Gulden - After the battle
Steve Kirtley - Oriental Pirate
Stephen Mallia - Junot
Michel Zeller - Crusade return
Joe Hudson - Groupe "do" band "do"
John Espy - Chasseur a cheval
Kevin Dunne - Self portrait
David Powell - Thraex Gladiator
Mike Cramer - Prince Eugene De Beauharnais
Jim Lynne - TE Lawrence
William Huther - Imperial Guard

Fantasy Open Division - Silver Medals:
Christian Hardy - Necromankia
Patrick Masson - Atsuka
Luca Baldini - Witch of the Forest
Fletcher Clement - Howl

Historical Open Division - Silver Medals:
Davide Charabella - Hussar de la mort
Francesco Terlizzi - Borodino
William Huther - Crossing the border
Enric Azeglio - Trumpeter mounted grenadier
Pete Culos - Run to daylight
Claudio Clementi - Scout 1876
Charlie Pritchett - Defending the faith
Lydie Queroi - Voyage vezs trios Ziviezes
Jim Derogatis - The spoils of war
Cesare Trevisol - Viking
Panos Tsetsekas - German Hussar
Ruina and Kontraros - Morocco 18th century
Slivano Tomaselli - Gandhi
Rod Curtis - Hussars
Ludovico Carrano - Pict warrior carnix player
Luca Bladino - Teutonic Knight
Ugo Brigadol - Torino 2006
Steve Kirtley - Guard Cossack 1814
Greg Cihlar - Russian Tanker coffee break
Kevin Townsend - Dragon Bearer
Kontraro / Panagiotopoulos - Gold rush

Ordnance (Painters) - Gold Medals:
Lester Plaskitt - Tiger

Advanced (Painters) - Gold Medals:
No awards this year

Fantasy Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Luca baldini - Zombie
Matteo Murelli - Titanias Gift
Diego Esteban Perez - Any problem
Javier Lozano - Siren
Francesco Farabi - Two sides of darkness
Doug Cohen - Girl with Lute
Dave Maddox - Fawn

Ordnance (Open) - Gold Medals:
Tony Fradken - M26 - A1 Chosin
Ken Abrams - Out of gas
Andy Gulden - Panzer III N - Kursk 1943
Joe Wagner - A-1H Skyraider
Cesar Rodriguez - Panzer II Ausf. F
Bill Hollis - USAAC SF - 5A
Floyd Bazin - The Griffon

Advanced (Open) - Gold Medals:
No awards this year

Historical Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Jesus Gamarra - Mayan Warriors
Rodrigo De Brito - Knight of the holy sepulcher
Jean Luc Piquart - Antoine de Bourgonne
Dave Maddox - United Irishman
Ernesto Stallhuth - General Guderian
Marion Ball - Spanish Hallbardier
Danilo Cartacci - Qui Shi Kuang
Jason Whitman - 1 regt New York
Catherine Cesario Poisson - La Danse
Ian MacKenzie - Davout
Luca Oliveri - Rocroi
Diego Ruina - Lakota Warrior
Greg DiFranco - Revolutionary War Dragoons
Penny Meyer - Mayan Warrior
Lou Masses - 10th Hussar
Luca Baldino - Celtic Warrior
Rod Curtis - General Buford
Diego Esteban Perez - German Warrior
Javier Gonzalez - US Paratrooper 82nd airborne
Vern Minkwitz - Murat
Dan Capuano - MG 42 Gunner

Fantasy Open Division - Gold Medals:
Mateo Murelli - 5 PM
Mohamed Ait Mehdi - Destiny
John Rosengrant-Sgt Rock
Kontraros and Panagiotou - Beauty and the Beast
Francesco Farabi and Kontraros - Notre Dame of Paris
Diego Esteban Perez - Guardian
Javier Lozano - Nurgle Lord

Historical Open Division - Gold Medals:
Doug Cohen - His last stand 1877
Adrian Bay - The face of the crusades
Dave Maddox - By the Sword Divided
Volpe and Taucer - Chinese Knight
Ian MacKenzie - Napoleonic Overall Display
Christian Petit- When the wind whispers
Mike Blank - The devil incarnate
Jason Whitman - The cowboy
Bruno and Cartacci - 10th Hussar Sudan
Volpe and Cartacci - News from Sudan
Bill Horan - Irish Brigade
Ricardo Ruberti - Chapultapec
Mario Venturi - Great Wyovoda
Thanos Vassilikos - No Gods Land
Marion and Alan Ball - The Borgias Fight
Diego Ruina- But not for long
Nello Rivieccio-Battle of Formigny
Stephen Mallia-Wellington and Major Percy
Fletcher Clement-There is much Chaos in Me
Philippe Gengembre-Prince Rupert of the Rhine
Javier Gonzalez Lozano - Polichpnela
Dennis Levy - Marooned

Best of Show - Fantasy Category:
Beauty and the Beast by Kontraros and Panagiotou

Best of Show - Historical Category:
the Devil Incarnate by Mike Blank

Best of Show - Ordnance Category:
the A-1H Skyraider by Joe Wagner

2013 Grand Master Award:
Diego Ruina