Our 73rd Annual Show and Mart took place on Friday, May 9, and Saturday, May 10, 2014
at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA.

VENDOR MART Year after year, the MFCA offers everyone the opportunity to shop in the largest vendor area in the country. If you need figures, models, toy soldiers, books, paints, brushes or bases, you can be sure you'll find it here. Come see why we are the show of choice for one-stop shopping.

(Click on the associated pictures, in order to view the material covered in each program):

On Friday, May 9 from 1:30 to 2:30 pm along with Saturday, May 10 from 10:00 to 11:15 am,
Matt Cexwish conducted a program on painting Realistic Wood along with Applying Weathering Effects on Wood Finishes.

On Friday, May 9 from 2:40 to 3:40 pm along with Saturday, May 10 from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm
Philippe Gengembre held a seminar on Painting Faces.

And finally on Friday, May 9 from 3:45 to 4:45 pm along with Saturday, May 10 from 1:00 to 2:15 pm
Matteo Murelli ran a painting program on Metalic Finishes.


Special Awards
The MFCA Show Committee and independent groups sponsor a number of awards in areas which are clearly outside the scope of the main exhibition, or in which the show committee wish to encourage interest. Not all awards are given in any year.
Best Revolutionary War
Best New Toy Soldier
Best Old Toy Soldier Dimestore Conversions
Best Medieval
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Best Napoleonic
Best Ancient
Best 20th Century
Best Flat
The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Armor
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Aircraft
Best Junior Exhibit
Junior Awards

The Junior Level
The Junior Level is for all artists 16 and younger, and it is intended to encourage young members of our hobby to continue to pursue and improve their craft. It includes but is not limited to painted stock figures, major and minor modifications, original sculpture, dioramas, ordnance, sci-fi and fanatsy, among other genres. All exhibits are judged on an equal basis for pewter medals, awards of excellence and certificates of merit.
Certificates of Merit - Junior Level
Awards for Excellence - Junior Level
Pewter Medals - Junior Level

The Advanced Level
The Advanced Level is intended for artists of proven skill and ability. It is divided into three divisions: Painters Division, Open Division, and Ordnance Division (Ordnance is now sub-divided into Painters, for stock kits and Open for heavily converted and scratchbuilt vehicles.). Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Awards of Excellence are awarded in each.
Ordnance Division (Painters)
Ordnance Division (Open)
Painters Division
Open Division
Best Display by an Individual
Best in Show

Best Napoleonic:
Teodora Lechi by Ivo Preda

Best Medieval:
Nancy 1477 by Francesco Farabi and Mariano Numitone

Joe Keenan Memorial for Best Flat Figure, sponsored by The Little Tin SoldierBest Flat:
Odette by Catherine Cesario Piosson

Special Category Award:
Peacock by Penny Meyer,
with an Honorable Mention to Walt Damon, Pete Culos & Jason Whitman

Best Fantasy / Sci-fi:
(No award this year)

Best New Toy Soldier:
Walt Damon "Lull in the action-Alamo" by Walt Damon &
Greetings from El Aurence by Pat Deluhery

Best Old Toy Soldier:
Duelist by John Carglena

Best Ancient:
The rest of the landsnechts by Marco Bariselli

Best 20th Century:
(No award this year)

Best Civil War:
Confederate Veteran by Christos Panagiotopoulis
Best Revolutionary War:
Liberty or Death by Anders Heintz
Best Wild West Award:
The Corner Saloon by Jason Green
Best World War II Award:
MG34 Gunner by Dan Capuano
Best Non Military Award:
New York City 1977 by Barry Biediger

Awards sponsored by the Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
Best Aircraft:
CH-46 Rescue Helicopter by Charles Lockard
Best Armor:
Second Snow of Winter by Lester Plaskitt

The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award for the Best American GI:
Tuskegee Airman 1944 by David Oswalt

Bob Knee Memorial Award for Best U.S. Marine:
(No award this year)

Ron Tunison Memorial Award for Best Sculpture:
John Rosengrant

The Vern Minkwitz Memorial Award for most improved painter:
Mike Cramer

Best Display by an Individual, sponsored by Aero ART International:
(No award this year)

Certificates of excellence:
Best Junior Award:
Delaney Whitman - King of the Jungle

Ordnance (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Ron Meise - It's been a good day
Didier Hachem - Children of War
Ken Hunt - Supermarine Spitfire
Vaughn E Whisker - Kitchen Truck

Ordnance (Open) Division - Certificates:
Al La Fleche - Dumvee

Advanced (Painters) - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Advanced (Open) - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy (Painters) Division - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Historical (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Ron Meisi The Trophy 1806
Herb Forgey Hunting Lobsters
Ron Harrison - Viking Raider
Ed Schaefer - In Gods House
Al La Fleche - Beardan Iriquois
Tom Borelli - Colonel, Infantry
John Carglena - Recital
Joe Morris - Sapper
Scott Hershbell - Irish Knight
Jim Molinaro - Tank Attack 1916
Bill Donahue - Buffalo Hunter
Jack Stressing - Molly McGuire
William Hines - Tiger Hunt
Joseph Spix - Sherriff
Ross Wilson - Chesapeake Raider 1814
Rich Di Benedetto - Raedwall - King of Angles
Michel Zeller - Brothers in Arms, Waterloo

Fantasy (Open) Division - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Historical (Open) Division - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Ordnance Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Mike Wolfe - 282 8 Rad
Charles Lockland - Swordfish Floatplane
Ed Schaffer - T34/76
Richard Poisson - KV1
Ian Forgey - P40 Tomohawk

Fantasy Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Patrick Kirk - Gates of Hell
Didier Hachem - Mistress of Discipline
Bill Donahue - Elf Dragon Prince
All La Fleche - Leprechaun
Joan Biedeger - Flower Fairy
Valerio Spaziani - Dark Elf
Chris Fontenot - Urmuth
Tom Borelli - Joker
Jack Stresing - Goblin - Orc
Ken Hunt - Mine
Joseph Seix - Pirate vs Sea Monster
John Meeks - Victory

Advanced (Painters) - Bronze Medals:
(No awards this year)

Historical Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
John Jeffries - The Lairds Champion
Don Johnson - 5th Virginia Cavalry
Craig Whittaker - Soviet Officer
David Oswalt - 4thTexas
Phil Villaneuva - 25th Lancers
Mike Cramer - Imperial German 8th Curassier
Scott Shablin - Officer, 2nd NY
David Palmer - Sir Walter Hungerford
Andy Gulden - Gebirgsjager
Charles Wingerter - Pirates of the Caribbean
Marty Farrell - Norse Lord 800AD
Peter Culos - Day of Days
Walt Damon - Boston Strong
Jenny Young - Civil War Demi rounds
Bob Mason - 91st Highlander
Bill Henry - USMC Hue Viet Nam
Jules de Raucort - Crossbowman
Philippe Dubois - Alexander the Great
Michael D�Avignon - 1st sgt Ruckers Cavalry

Ordnance (Open) - Bronze Medals:
Steve Andriano - 8.8CM KWK 43/3

Advanced (Open) - Bronze Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Adrian Debatista - rescue from the pit
Gary Atlee - Cancer Zodiac
Scott Shablin - Imperial enforcer

Historical Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Rick Marotta - US Special Forces AFg
Mike Pierce - Liberty to Slaves
Dave Acker - Whole Display
Marco Bariselli - Private New York
Dave Youngquist - Back to the front
Enrico Azeggo - Officer, 7th hussars
Bill Donahue - Jack the ripper
Ed Schaffer - The Last Round
Scott Shablin - Bad Day
Chris Fontenot - Charge Irish Rifle
Peter Garrison - Pierre Conourne

Ordnance (Painters) - Silver Medals:
Jules De Raucort - WW1 Aircraft Display
Armania Castillo - JSU - I52
Paul Tomczak - BF109
David Oswalt - LVT 4

Ordnance (Open) - Silver Medals:
Rochard Marotta - Russian Maz-537
Richard Poisson - M-16 Halftrack

Advanced (Painters) - Silver Medals:
(No awards this year)

Advanced (Open) - Silver Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Painters Division - Silver Medals:
Jim Johnston - Tribe Chief Morrow
Gary Atlee - Habby Saal
Mike Cramer - El Juglar
Wendy Raflaski - Beware of Bunny
Marty Farrell - Swamp Enforcer
Mike Schaffer - Sapo

Historical Painters Division - Silver Medals:
Dave Youngquist - Somme 1916
Gary Beetley - Kamikaze
Didier Hachem - British LRDG 1943
Marco Bariselli - Unsere Liebere Frauen�
Adrian Debattisita - Muslim Warrior
John Espey - Valley Forge
Dan Capuano - Union Infantry - Gettysburg
Diego Esteban - The Last Templar
Jack Muldoon - Polish Winged Hussar
Ben Komets - War Photographer
Ivo Preda - Julian Combe
Pete Garrison - Pow Wow Dancer
Edward Cepanskas - The Masquerade
Stephen Mallia - Confederate Soldier
Catherine Cesario Poissn - Odette
Patrick Kirk - English Archer
Chris Fontenot - The Geisha
Cheli Fabrizio - Tambour Des Grenadiers 1798
Zeno Mladin - The Etruscan
Terry Neesham - Albanian Chieftan
Jay Murray - Waffen SS NCO
Steve Wolbert - 101st Airborne
Bob Bethea - Captain Nathan Brittles
Henry Nunez - SS Officer
Rodrigo Debrito - The Cameron Highlanders

Fantasy Open Division - Silver Medals:
Jack Muldoon - Demon
Massimiliano Richelo - Contagion
Fabrizio Pusso - Inferno

Historical Open Division - Silver Medals:
Henry Nunez - Take the fascist to the rear
Steve Mallia - Timballier
Riccardo Ruberti - The Cairo Uprising
Farabi + Numitone - Nancy 1477
Chris Mrosko - The way of the rabbit
Bruno Lagobbacci - Entrance to Moscow
Ivo Preda - Imperial Guard Grenadier
Alfonso Dessiderrio - Aukland Mtd Rifles
Andrea Benussi - Whole Display
Giovani Azzara - French Infantryman
Claudio Clementi - Texas Brigade 1863
Maurizio Berselli - Major General VG Kostenetsk Borodino
Christos Panagiotopoulos - Confederate Soldier
George Moschakis - Banovic Strajinda
Dan Capuano - Looking for Ivan
David Vickers - Destruction
Jack Lynch - The Homecoming
Didier Hachem - London 1943
Ludo Carrano - Ekaterinoslav Rgt
Ugo Brigadol - Levrieri
Thanos Vassilikos - Kursk 1943
Dave Maddox - Bugler
Enzo Favaro - Timbaliers
Pete Culos - Cuba Libre
Ian McKenzie - 3rd Guards Grenadiers
Blank Kirtley - Norman Knight
Seung-Man Ahn - Holy Man
Silvano Tommaselli - La Guida

Ordnance (Painters) - Gold Medals:
Jim Rosado-E25
Bob Bethea-Saipan Casualty

Advanced (Painters) - Gold Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Diego Esteban Perez - Entire Display
Massimaliano Richerlo - Zombie Bust
Jason Green - Imperial Guard
Matt Cexwish - Randolph the Mechanic
Francesco Farabi - Gothic Dreadknight
Matteo Murelli - Entire Display
Marco Baracelli - Entire Display
Ben Komets - Goblin Bust
Christian Hardy - Jack
Dave Maddox - Folking

Ordnance (Open) - Gold Medals:
Lester Plaskitt - sdkz 251/21 'Second Snow
Andy Gulden - Panzer IVD
Iain Hamilton - Type '59 'Reunification�
Manny Rodriguez - Kursk Tiger

Advanced (Open) - Gold Medals:
(No awards this year)

Historical Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Chris Mrosko - Lt Sissler
Anders Heintz - Overall Display
Barry Beideger- Colbert
Diego Ruina - Celtic
Jim Johnston - Quintus Sertorius Festus
Rod Curtis - 20th Mississippi
Peitro Balloni - Overall Display
Jason Green 'Captain William Kidd
Penny Meyer - Edgar Allen Poe
Jason Whitman - Sir Francis Drake
Lou Masses - Dracula
Dave Maddox - Nancy, he's back
Marion Ball - Private 1st Legion Voluntaire Etrangers de la Marine
Gilbert Morena - Ausi Tanker

Fantasy Open Division - Gold Medals:
Diego Ruina - Orog Bust
Michael Kontraros - Tooth Fairy
Diego Esteban - Chosen of Korne
Matt Cexwish - Grot Bot #5
Pietro Balloni - Zed Yago
Kostas Karriotellis - Pikom
Anders Heintz - Ork Veteran
Michael Kontraros - Jules Verne
Fletcher Clement - Chrysalis
Francesco Farabi and Baldino - Kelecade
Matteo Murelli - Soo late
Marco Baracelli - 3 little guardians
Masson and Mehdi - Wolverine
Marco Baracelli - Goatman
Mohamed Mehdi - Pan
Christian Hardy - Liloo
Andre Koribanics - Nyphea

Historical Open Division - Gold Medals:
Greg Cihler - Hind Down
Doug Cohen - Sleepy Hollow
Fletcher Clement - Whole Display
Philippe Gengembre - Officer 7 leger
Rod Curtis - Timbalier Grenadiers a cheval
Anders Heintz - Quattre Bras
Jason Whitman - British Marine
Mike Good - Nishizawa
Nello Riveccio - Basher
Jim Derogatis - Santa Maria Della Grazie
Barry Biediger - New York City 1977
John Rosengrant - Brother in Arms
Diego Ruina - Timbalier
Marion and Alan Ball - Display
Mike Blank - Wings of darkness
Mario Venturi - Medieval Suburbs
Venturi Checi - Charles de Valois
Volpe & Taucer - Mongols
Luca Baldino and Taucer- Cavalcante de Cavalcanti

Best of Show - Fantasy Category:
Jules Verne by Michael Kontraros

Best of Show - Historical Category:
Wings of Darkness by Mike Blank

Best of Show - Ordnance Category:
Second Snow of Winter by Lester Plaskitt

Best Grandmaster Exhibit:
Riccardo Ruberti and Fletcher Clement

2014 Grand Master Award(s):
Penny Meyer and Anders Heintz