Our 74th Annual Show and Mart took place this year on Friday, May 8th (from noon till 5PM) and on Saturday, May 9th (from 9AM till 4PM). The show was held at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA.

Year after year, the MFCA offers everyone the opportunity to shop in the largest vendor area in the country. If you need figures, models, toy soldiers, books, paints, brushes or bases, you can be sure you'll find it here. Come see why we are the show of choice for one-stop shopping.

Special Awards
The MFCA Show Committee and independent groups sponsor a number of awards in areas which are clearly outside the scope of the main exhibition, or in which the show committee wish to encourage interest. Not all awards are given in any year.
Best Revolutionary War
Best New Toy Soldier
Best Old Toy Soldier Dimestore Conversions
Best Medieval
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Best Napoleonic
Best Ancient
Best 20th Century
Best Flat
The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Armor
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Aircraft
Best Junior Exhibit
Junior Awards

The Junior Level
The Junior Level is for all artists 16 and younger, and it is intended to encourage young members of our hobby to continue to pursue and improve their craft. It includes but is not limited to painted stock figures, major and minor modifications, original sculpture, dioramas, ordnance, sci-fi and fanatsy, among other genres. All exhibits are judged on an equal basis for pewter medals, awards of excellence and certificates of merit.
Certificates of Merit - Junior Level
Awards for Excellence - Junior Level
Pewter Medals - Junior Level

The Advanced Level
The Advanced Level is intended for artists of proven skill and ability. It is divided into three divisions: Painters Division, Open Division, and Ordnance Division (Ordnance is now sub-divided into Painters, for stock kits and Open for heavily converted and scratchbuilt vehicles.). Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Awards of Excellence are awarded in each.
Ordnance Division (Painters)
Ordnance Division (Open)
Painters Division
Open Division
Best Display by an Individual
Best in Show

Best Napoleonic:
7th Hussars by Ian MacKenzie

Best Medieval:
The first of the Hungarians by Michael Kontraros & Chris Panagiotou-King Stephen

Joe Keenan Memorial for Best Flat Figure, sponsored by The Little Tin SoldierBest Flat:
Display of original flats by Bill Merklein

Special Category Award:
Cassie by Mary Hollis

Best Fantasy / Sci-fi:
(No entries this year)

Best New Toy Soldier:
Walt Damon "Lull in the action-Alamo" by Walt Damon &
French Napoleonic Camp Scene by Alan Golden

Best Old Toy Soldier:
(No entries this year)

Best Ancient Award:
Roman Aquilifer by Stephen Mallia

Best 20th Century:
(No award this year)

Best Civil War:
Attention Zuoves by Pete Culos

Best Revolutionary War:
Minuteman by Mike Stevens

Best Wild West Award:
Dances with Wolves by Jason Green

Best World War II Award:
Wo Bist Du Amerikaner by Dan Capuano

Best Non Military Award:
1529 A day at the races by Alexender DeLeon

Awards sponsored by the Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
Best Aircraft:
Rumpler in the Hanger by Bill Hollis
Best Armor:
Ariel w/NG 350CC British Motorcycle by Alex DeLeon

The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award for the Best American GI:
F-16 Pilot by Adrian DeBattista

Bob Knee Memorial Award for Best U.S. Marine:
(No award this year)

Ron Tunison Memorial Award for Best Sculpture:
(No award this year)

The Vern Minkwitz Memorial Award for most improved painter:
Kevin Townsend

Best Display by an Individual, sponsored by Aero ART International:
(No award this year)

Certificates of excellence:
Best Junior Award:
(No award this year)


Ordnance (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Rick Verriest - MS Sultana
Bill Donahue - Ambush
Paul Kretschmar - PSID Mustang
Butch Einsel - Russian ISU-122

Ordnance (Open) Division - Certificates:
(No award this year)

Advanced (Painters) - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Advanced (Open) - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Bill Donahue - The Huntress
Joe Spix - Sleeping Beauty
Tony Wootson - Babylon 5 (Starfury)

Historical (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Dee Moore - Trumpeter Senegalese
Jim Molenaro - The snows of Russia
P. Villenueva - Scalawag
Warren Yawn - Abraham Lincoln
Larry Lee - It was a cold and windy night
Rich Dibenedetto - Republican Guard of Paris
Scott Hershbell - Knight Templar
Tom Hotz - 88reg of the line
Joe Spix - Black Jack
Mike Davidson - Private, North Carolina
Vin Cordaro - RAR Infantryman
Vivian Clark - River Marauders

Fantasy (Open) Division - Certificates:
Brad James - AFS MK1
Vince Buonfiglio - PK G Gustav
Al LaFleche - Rushen Glen
Tony Wootson - Star Wars battle tank

Historical (Open) Division - Certificates:
John Carglena - Bushwacked
Alan Golden - no name entered

Ordnance Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Bill Hollis - VNAF Skyraider
Richard Poisson - Ha Go
Jim Rosado - SS-2

Fantasy Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Jim Richey - Sabertooth Cerberis
Adrian DeBattista - Jack the Ripper
Didier Hachem - Le Guardian des Tenebres
Dave Acker - The Old Beliefs
Al LaFleche - Tywin Lannister
Ross Wilson - Kenobi
B. Villanueva - Big Greenskin
Larry Lee - Griffin Rider
Dave Oswalt - Lil bo peep
Ken Hunt - Dragon Hunter
Rob Chandler - Green Death
Alexander Akers - Battles First Call
Ken Hunt - Popeye

Advanced (Painters) - Bronze Medals:
(No awards this year)

Historical Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Dave Oswalt - Private Logan Greys 1862
Joe Morris - The Harpoonist
Ron Harrison - Locksley
Cesar “Manny” Rodriguez - Cossack WW II
Michael D’Avignon - Norman Knight
Ross Wilson - Ashigaru 1467
Gary Beetley - SS Bust, Russian Front
Richard Poisson - German Motorcycle
John Jeffries - Eagle Knight
Zeno Mladin - The Captive
John Espy - Capt. John Tidball
Jim Richey - Coal Miner
Al LaFleche - Terre De Mes Ayieux
Jack Muldoon - Unbroken
Bob Bethea - Going home to Texas
Henry Nunez - SS Panzergrenadier
Craig Whitaker - MacArthur
Jim Ekker - Tambour
Ed Schaeffer - German Uhlan
Walt Damon - Churchill in North Afrika
Rick Verrirest - Sapper
Brian Davis - It is finished
Rob Chandler - French Voligeur
Steve Andreano - Another spring morning
Alexander Akers - Roman Legionary

Ordnance (Open) - Bronze Medals:
Mike Wolfe - SPKFZ 263
Dave Oswalt - Lorraine Carrier
Rick Verriest - Anchot Hoy
Bob Bethea - Elephant

Advanced (Open) - Bronze Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Scott Hersbell - PKA Ausf G Gustav
Didier Hachem - The Task forces
Gary Atlee - Lox Jarg
Jon Stonaker - Space is Deep
John Tatarelli - Matango

Historical Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Kevin Townsend - Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Tom Holtz - Chasseur a Cheval
Seuk-Hak Ahn/Steve Kirtley - The Renegade
Bob Bethea - IPMS Trelleborg 987AD
Bill Donahue - US 7th Cavalry Bugler
Pete Garrison - 55th Regiment of Foot 1763
Bill and Mary Hollis - Waiting for the Boss
The Cannoli Brothers - Nursing Sister - Charing Cross
Bob Fowler - American Indians
Rob Chandler - KGL at Waterloo

Ordnance (Painters) - Silver Medals:
Mike Salzano - Polish TK3
Paul Tomczak - Ki-36 IDA
Ian Forgey - A6M 3A
Rob Chandler - M4A3

Ordnance (Open) - Silver Medals:
Kevin Townsend - USS Olympia
Joseph and Ray Farrugia - LVG C. VI
Mike Salzano - M4 Medium
Steve Adriano - 100mm Italian Howitzer

Advanced (Painters) - Silver Medals:
(No awards this year)

Advanced (Open) - Silver Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Painters Division - Silver Medals:
Gary Atlee - Devil
Ron Harrison - Cult of Ulric Seneschal
Wendy Rafalski - Fire Elemental
Bob Bethea - Space Marine
John Margiotta - Undead bust
John Meeks - Trick or treat boogeyman
Scott Maurer - The lovers
Rick Verriest - Chaos dwarf

Historical Painters Division - Silver Medals:
Rodrigo DeBrito - Roman legionnaire
Mike Stevens - Rifleman Sevastopol
Nicolas Moins - Marilyn
Pete Culos - Cladeks Zouves
Jules de raucort - General Chinois
Rick Girardin - Danger lurks
Dave Acker - Spinasaurus
Lou Masses - 4th hussars
Kurt Hollar - US Marine Corp
Paolo Leonori – Canadian Infantry
Eric Mosso - English Longbowman
Wendy Rafalski - Iriquois
Adrian Debatista - US F-16 Pilot
John Margiotta - Gladiator
Clarence Prigent - Montgomery
Bob Mason - French Knight
Troy Dobson - Viking Hunter

Fantasy Open Division - Silver Medals:
Dave Maddox - The detail is in the devil
Alex DeLeon - Reaper V-8 Trike
Bob Bethea - Revenge

Historical Open Division - Silver Medals:
Ian MacKanezie - Napoleonic Cavalry
Jon Harbuck / Dutch Allen - Shaw Memorial
Mike Pierce - Mercy in the mud
Mario Venturi - Herald, Charles V
John Jeffries - Saxon Housecarle
Ray Farrugia - I mean business
Marco Formenti - Capt. James MacKenzie 1869
Rod Curtis - Infantry Officer, American Revolution
Greg Chilar - Kharkov
Ivo Preda - Colbert and the last Charge of the Red Lancers
George Moschakiz - Byzantine Catafract
Christos Panagiotou - Flirt

Ordnance (Painters) - Gold Medals:
Michael Turco - Ferrari
Lester Plaskitt - Bosnian T-55
Lou Masses - Afrika Korps

Advanced (Painters) - Gold Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Jules de Raucourt - Alberta
Kevin Townsend - Commandos WW four

Ordnance (Open) - Gold Medals:
Pete Dawson - Shorty Caboose
Bill Hollis - Rumpler in the Hanger
Alexander DeLeon - Ariel w/ng 350cc
Andy Gulden - Flak Hetzer
Jules de Raucourt - Albatros DIII
Gary Atlee - Moraine Saulnier

Advanced (Open) - Gold Medals:
No awards this year)

Historical Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Dave Maddox - Landsnecht
Anders Heintz - Knight Templar
Ivo Preda - Trumpeters
Penny Meyer - 2nd Reg’t Chevau Legers lancers
Philippe Gengembre - Trumpeter of the 1st Regt of Cuirassiers
Ian MacKenzie - Dragoons of the Garde
Catherine Cesario - Poisson - Nymphea
Stephen Mallia - Roman Aquilifer
Jason Green-Napoleon in Egypt
Barry Biediger- Italian Officer WW1
Marion Ball - Lakota Chief
Greg DiFranco - Corporal, 19th Indiana
Charles Gravalese (SP?) - Girl with pearl earring
Rod Curtis - Musketeers of the guard
Ray Farrugia - Miles Christi
Gilberto Moreno - Lancer trumpeter
Jason Whitman - Drummer 15th
Dan Capuano - Franz and Emil
Kevin Townsend - Pack of thieves
John Russell - Asterix and Obelix
Alex DeLeon - Iron Horse
Terry Neesham - Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Fantasy Open Division - Gold Medals:
Fletcher Clement - Lady Godiva
Wendy Rafalski - Mooracle
Michael Kontraros and Kypiakos Simos - Leviathan
Stephane Camosseto - Mary Poppens
Mohamed Ait Mehdi (AKA Blackbeard the Bad) - Drakerys Dragon
Patrick Masson - Display

Historical Open Division - Gold Medals:
Bill Horan - Boer Rifleman
Fletcher Clement - Salome
Diego Ruina - 1st Regiment of Polish Lancers
Michelle Scelsit and Marco Bariselli - Border Reivers XVII Century
Anders Heintz - 75th regiment of Foot
Jason Green and Anders Heintz - Officer, 17th Lancers
Philippe Gengembre - Maisson du Roi, Gendarme
Doug Cohen - "Some Figures"
Mike Blank - All is Lost
Barry Biedeger - Box #3
Jim Derogatis - Moscow, 1812
Bill Merklein - Display of Flats
Marion and Alan Ball - The Duke of Orleans Showing his lover
Stephen Mallia - Nery, 1914
Alex DeLeon - A Day at the races
Greg DiFranco - Grenadier of the blue king
Jason Whitman - American Militiaman
Dan Capuano - Wo bist du Amerikaner
Christos Pannagiotou and Michael Kontraros - King Stephen the first
Piersergio Allevi and Diego Ruina - Poland Saxony Piper
Ludovico Carrano - Overall Display
Riccardo Ruberti - Kabul 1842

Best of Show - Fantasy Category:
"Leviathan" by Michael Kontraros & Kypiakos Simos

Best of Show - Historical Category:
"Kabul 1842" by Riccardo Ruberti

Best of Show - Ordnance Category:
Ariel W/NG 350cc" by Alexander DeLeon

Best Grandmaster Exhibit:
Greg DiFranco
Doug Cohen
Bill Horan

2014 Grand Master Award(s):
Stephen Mallia