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2016 MFCA 75th Annual Show & Mart (Page One)
Our 75th Annual Show and Mart took place on Friday, May 19th (from noon to 5 pm) and Saturday, May 20th from 9 am to 4 pm. The Show Awards Ceremony took place directly afterwards at 5 pm.

The show once again was held at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA.

The APG (Artist Preservation Group) joined us and sponsored a Fund Raiser, along with conducting several special events:
On Friday they scheduled a Tour of the Brandywine Battle Field & Chadds Ford Museum and on Saturday they scheduled a Painting workshop, - "Painting with Penny", by Penny Meyer; (Penny is an MFCA Grand Master who shared her expertise on painting flats).

Year after year, the MFCA offers everyone the opportunity to shop in the largest vendor area in the country. If you need figures, models, toy soldiers, books, paints, brushes or bases, you can be sure you'll find it here. Come see why we are the show of choice for one-stop shopping.

Special Awards
The MFCA Show Committee and independent groups sponsor a number of awards in areas which are clearly outside the scope of the main exhibition, or in which the show committee wish to encourage interest. Not all awards are given in any year.
Best Revolutionary War
Best New Toy Soldier
Best Old Toy Soldier Dimestore Conversions
Best Medieval
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Best Napoleonic
Best Ancient
Best 20th Century
Best Flat
The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Armor
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Aircraft
Best Junior Exhibit
Junior Awards

The Junior Level
The Junior Level is for all artists 16 and younger, and it is intended to encourage young members of our hobby to continue to pursue and improve their craft. It includes but is not limited to painted stock figures, major and minor modifications, original sculpture, dioramas, ordnance, sci-fi and fanatsy, among other genres. All exhibits are judged on an equal basis for pewter medals, awards of excellence and certificates of merit.
Certificates of Merit - Junior Level
Awards for Excellence - Junior Level
Pewter Medals - Junior Level

The Advanced Level
The Advanced Level is intended for artists of proven skill and ability. It is divided into three divisions: Painters Division, Open Division, and Ordnance Division (Ordnance is now sub-divided into Painters, for stock kits and Open for heavily converted and scratchbuilt vehicles.). Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Awards of Excellence are awarded in each.
Ordnance Division (Painters)
Ordnance Division (Open)
Painters Division
Open Division
Best Display by an Individual
Best in Show

Best Napoleonic:
Ivo Preda by Francois Jacquemin

Best Medieval Sponsored by Birch Tree Enterprises:
Saladin by Michael Volquarts

Joe Keenan Memorial for Best Flat Figure, sponsored by The Little Tin Soldier:
Femme A L’Evantail by Retverto Analia

Special Category Award:
A whole bunch of small paintings by Pete Culos
Best Fantasy / Sci-fi:
(No entries this year)

Best New Toy Soldier:
(No entries this year)

Best Old Toy Soldier:
(No entries this year)

Best Ancient Award:
Sparta/Thermopylae 480 BC by Paul Kernan

Best 20th Century:
(No award this year)

Best Civil War:
Battle of Gettysburg by Christo Panagiotopoulos

Best Revolutionary War Award sponsored by Michael Roberts limited
4th NY by Marco Bariselli

Best Wild West Award:
Kid Danger by Michael Volquarts

Best World War II Award:
101st Airborne Bust by Ernesto Reyes

Best Non Military Award:
The Eagle has landed by Jim DeRogatis

Awards sponsored by the Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
Best Aircraft:
H.B. W.12 Prototype by Michael Scarborough

Best Armor:
Skoda Pa-2 Turtle by Pete Dawson

MFCA Brian Spruyt Memorial Award for the best American GI - Sponsored by Brian’s friends in his memory to encourage new painters in the subject of American fighting man which was Brian’s favorite subject:
“Uncle Matt” and “Us Tanker WWII” by Robert Huettner

Bob Knee Memorial Award for Best U.S. Marine:
(No award this year)

Ron Tunison Memorial Award for Best Sculpture:
(No award this year)

The Vern Minkwitz Memorial Award for most improved painter:
Phil Villaneuva

Best Display by an Individual, sponsored by Aero ART International:
(No award this year)

AGMF Best German Subject – Sponsored by Dusseldorf Figure Club:
(Bronze) Andy Gulden - Display
(Silver) Dave Youngquist – “Stormtrooper” WWI
(Gold) Ernesto Reyes – Bismarck

Certificates of excellence:
Dinosaur by Brock Rofalski
Dinosaur by Eli Rafalski

Best Junior Award:
(No award this year)

Ordnance (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Marine M4 by Charles Lockard

Ordnance (Open) Division - Certificates:
(No award this year)

Advanced (Painters) - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Advanced (Open) - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Armored Crab by Tony Wootson
LAPD Dirty Harry by Richard Fowler
Doctor Jones by Dan Kornegey
Red Riding Hood by Al Lefleche

Historical (Painters) Division - Certificates:
The Flag Throwers of Sienna by Art Etchells
The Recital by John Carglena
Retreat 1812 by Jim Molenaro
Friends by Larry Lee
Indian War Elephant by William B Hines
Display by Bill Teoli
Rogers Ranger by Frank Moseley
Display by Tony Casarotti
Gurkha Piper by Don Griffith
Chamberlain by Len Kulikowski
Display by Al Lafleche
General Grant by Robert Huettner
U.S.M.C. Bar-Gunner by Vincent Cordaro
Display/Armored Warriors by Bob Mason
Russian Command Car by Richard Fowler
French Cavalry by Brian Davies
The Scout by Bill Donuhue

Fantasy (Open) Division - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Historical (Open) Division - Certificates:
Canadian 1st Infantry, Somme by Don Griffith
Lynchburg Rifles by Mike Saggs
Sikh Rajah by Phil Villanueva
Alexander A Poros by John Sparmblack
Marcus Aurelius in Rome by Alan Golden
White Horse Inn by John Carglena

Ordnance Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Luchs Pzkw 1 by Richard Poisson
Napoleonic 12 Pounder by Bill Teoli
U334 by Sean Tobin
Char 2c by Robert Heuttner

Fantasy Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Huri Khan by Jim Hug
Winter North Warrior by Bob Boothe
Green Dudes by John Tatarelli Jr.
The Beast from Willow by Kent Hunt
Dark Marauder by Vincent Cordaro
Searcher by Dee Moore
Zuk – Hec by Gary Atlee
Gollum by Corey Cihlar
Crazy Joker by Frederick Vial
Dinosaur Display by Paul Tomczak
Doom Wheel by John Neville
Mengil Manhide by Ron Harrison
Kaemhild’s Revenge by Joe Spix
Display by Dave Acker
Arrival of Aphrodite by Larry Lee

Advanced (Painters) - Bronze Medals:
(No awards this year)

Historical Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
La Hire by Paul Magkonis
Elf in ladle by Joe Salkowitz
The Bandmaster by Don Johnson
Lions Flat by Craig Whitaker
Inkerman 1854 by Richard Rock
Robert E. Lee by Sturgis Payne
Sean Tobin – Kelly’s Heroes by
Hans Ulrich Rudel by Jack Muldoon
Bruver Pond 1916 by Walt Damon
Japanese Sniper by David Oswalt
10th Infantry Regt of Tenn. by Mark Sprayberry
2nd Missouri by Dee More –
Fate Goes Ever... by Scott Herschbell
Landsknecht by Michael Saggs
Painters Muse by Pat Dulehery
The Pirate (It’s my ship now) by Ed Cepauskas
Mad Jack by Jim Richey
Japanese NCO by Henry Nunez
The Pirates by Michael Zeller
Napoleon III by Joe Norris
Poilu 1916 by Ed Schaeffer
Russian Nobleman by John Neville
Mounted artillery by Phil Villanueva
Mad Jack by Robert Norman
Smoke Break by Frank Kashar
Gladiators by John Meeks
A moment in Time by Troy Dobson
San Juan Hill by Brian Howard
Mountain Man by Bob Boothe
David E. Jackson by Ken Hunt
L Battery by Chris Collett
Scots Fusiliers by Scott Shabin

Ordnance (Open) - Bronze Medals:
Tall Shield 37mm ATG by Steve Andreano
Hansa Brandenburg DR1 by Gary Atlee
Achzarit (Early) by Dan Kornegay
Renault Food Supply Truck by Vaughn Whisker
Lu Rochelle by Herb Forgey
Char B1 bis by John Bayes
B17 by Mark Seltez
Kriegs Fiscleh Krutter by Scott Schleh

Advanced (Open) - Bronze Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Toktien by Gary Atlee
Vampire Queen by Gary Beetley

Historical Open Division - Bronze Medals:
36th Line at Bussaco by Tom Holts
Hamburger Hill by Ed Schaefer
Northman by David Acher
You Die Marine by Henry Nunez
Home by Christmas by Alex Williams
French Char B1 BIS by John Bayes
He sat upon the Banners... by John Jeffries
Desperate Training by Mike Pierce
Brian Davis – “What do you mean? What weapons?” by Brian Davis
The Mighty Have Fallen by Bill Donahue
28th Division July 1918 by Scott Shablin

Ordnance (Painters) - Silver Medals:
21 cm Mortar by Steve Andreano
Panzer 1 by Mike Salzano
KI 45 “Nick” by Paul Tomczak
ISU 152 by Jim Rosado

Ordnance (Open) - Silver Medals:
LVT4 by Mike Salzano
Brandenburg W13 by David Rulling

Advanced (Painters) - Silver Medals:
(No awards this year)

Advanced (Open) - Silver Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Painters Division - Silver Medals:
Valkyries by Zeno Mladin
The Face of War by Scott Shablin
Freedom by Wendy Rafelski
Super Mutant by Aaron Mishney
Nor Okk The Ettin by Gilbert Morene
Archangel Michael by Frank Kaksar
The Scout by Jack Muldoor

Historical Painters Division - Silver Medals:
Havildar, 15th Bengal Inf. Regt by Rick Girardin
CSA Bugler by John Harbuck
Grim Determination by John Jeffries
St Michael Slaying the Dragon by Nicholas Ball
Maximus by Gilbert Moreno
Viking on the Rocks by Bob Bethea
Ancestor by John Margiotta
Fancy a Waltz, Matilda? by Kevin Dunne
Bessieres by Ivo Preda
54mm Display by John Espey
Clearing the Casbah by Alex Williams
Display by Dave Youngquist
Officer 1st Troop Horse Guards by Rod Curtis
SS Machine Gunner by Andy Gulden
Queens Rangers by Zeno Mladin

Fantasy Open Division - Silver Medals:
Chained Valkyrie by John Meeks

Historical Open Division - Silver Medals:
Eugene De Beauharnais by Ivo Preda
Blackfeet Elder by Reid / Kirtley
Trumpeter, Guard Dragoons by Ian Mackenzie
Thomas, Earl of Lancaster by Mario Venturi
Cossacks and Hussars by Scelai / Bariselli
Samurai Busts by Michael Volquarts
Fallen Empire by John Schley
To the Last Round by Paul Keefe
Tank Hunters by Dan Capuano
Delivering Supplies (Eastern Front) by Gary Beetley
Nothing Gained But Glory by Jason Whitman
My Boy Jack by Jon Harbuck
Waschtag – Berlin 1945 by Lester Plaskitt
Maple Leaf Up by Tom Karnas
Col. Custer by Penny Meyer
Andre Massena by Rod Curtis

Ordnance (Painters) - Gold Medals:
Panzer 1 by Bob Bethea
Sopwith Pup by Michael Scarborowitt

Advanced (Painters) - Gold Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Bert and Malaoda by Jack Stresing
Storm Griffen by David Hood
Display by Michael Volquartz
Xesbeth by John Mergiotta
Anaconda TAG by Gregory Zuniga
Capricorn by John Meeks
Lamartes/Blood Angel by Patrick Kirk

Ordnance (Open) - Gold Medals:
Covered V2 Rocket by Chris Schwatch
Hansa Brandenburg W.12 Floatplane by Micheal Scarborough
Skoda Pa-2 Turtle by Pete Dawson
The 711 by Ceasar Rodriguez
Halftrack Display by Kevin Towsend

Advanced (Open) - Gold Medals:
(No awards this year)

Historical Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Catherine Cesario-Poisson – The System of the Other by
Continental Infantry Bust by Stephen Mallia
Alexander at Issus by Greg DiFranco
Chinese General by Terry Neesham
The Kid by Penny Meyer
Femme A L’Evantail by Retuerto Analia
Entire Lovely Display by Paul Kernan
Le Suffisant by Tardif Bernard
Chosin by Matt Wellhouser
Trumpeter (Senegalese) by David Hood
Bust Display by Ernesto Reyes
Saladin by Michael Volquart
Crusader by Rick Rutter
Chamberlain by Doug Cohen

Fantasy Open Division - Gold Medals:
Freak Show by Michale Kontraros & Kyriakos Simos

Historical Open Division - Gold Medals:
Gettysburg by Christos Panagiotopoulst
Mongol General by Babis Stathis
Trumpette Hussards Guide by Diego Ruina
The Last of Barets Privateers by Pete Culos
Wellington 8 Blucher by Ludovico Carrano
The Eagle has landed by Jim Derogatis
Display by Barry Biediger
The Oath of the Horatii by Steve Mallia
Trompet Du Regiment Turenne by Greg DiFranco
Recon by Greg Cihlar
Danger in the Jungle by Ricardo Roberti
Indian Scenes by Marian & Alan Ball
Enemy at the Gate by Mike Blank
Louis De Bourbon by Philippe Gengembre
Tamai by Bill Horan
Hanger Deck by Doug Cohen
“The Skillingers” by Auders Heintz

Best of Show - Fantasy Category:
Freak Show by Michael Kontraros

Best of Show - Historical Category (sponsored by APG):
Enemy at the Gates by Mike Blank

Best of Show - Ordnance Category:
H. B. W. 12 Prototype by Michael Scarborough

Best Grandmaster Exhibit:
(No one eligible)

2016 Grand Master Award(s):
Michael Kontraros