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2017 MFCA 75th Annual Show & Mart (Page One)
Our 76th Annual Show and Mart took place on Saturday, April 29th, 2017, from 9AM to 3PM, with the awards ceremony taking place at 5PM.

This year's show took place at a new venue, the Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast, 2400 Old Lincoln Highway, Trevose PA, and was only a One-day event, due to the Triennial World Expo, which took place in Chicago.

Year after year, the MFCA offers everyone the opportunity to shop in the largest vendor area in the country. If you need figures, models, toy soldiers, books, paints, brushes or bases, you can be sure you'll find it here. Come see why we are the show of choice for one-stop shopping.

Special Awards
The MFCA Show Committee and independent groups sponsor a number of awards in areas which are clearly outside the scope of the main exhibition, or in which the show committee wish to encourage interest. Not all awards are given in any year.
Best Revolutionary War
Best New Toy Soldier
Best Old Toy Soldier Dimestore Conversions
Best Medieval
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Best Napoleonic
Best Ancient
Best 20th Century
Best Flat
The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Armor
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Aircraft
Best Junior Exhibit
Junior Awards

The Junior Level
The Junior Level is for all artists 16 and younger, and it is intended to encourage young members of our hobby to continue to pursue and improve their craft. It includes but is not limited to painted stock figures, major and minor modifications, original sculpture, dioramas, ordnance, sci-fi and fanatsy, among other genres. All exhibits are judged on an equal basis for pewter medals, awards of excellence and certificates of merit.
Certificates of Merit - Junior Level
Awards for Excellence - Junior Level
Pewter Medals - Junior Level

The Advanced Level
The Advanced Level is intended for artists of proven skill and ability. It is divided into three divisions: Painters Division, Open Division, and Ordnance Division (Ordnance is now sub-divided into Painters, for stock kits and Open for heavily converted and scratchbuilt vehicles.). Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Awards of Excellence are awarded in each.
Ordnance Division (Painters)
Ordnance Division (Open)
Painters Division
Open Division
Best Display by an Individual
Best in Show

Best Napoleonic:
4th Hussar Flat by Lou Masses

Best Medieval Sponsored by Birch Tree Enterprises:
Knight of St. Lasarus by Scott Hershbell

Joe Keenan Memorial for Best Flat Figure, sponsored by The Little Tin Soldier:
4th Hussar Flat by Lou Masses

Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Award:
(No entries this year)

Best Toy Soldier (Diorama):
"La Haye Sainte" by Steven Gundel

Best Old Toy Soldier:
(No entries this year)

Best Ancient Award:
Roman Aquilifier by John Jeffries

Best 20th Century:
(No award this year)

Best Civil War:
Confederate Bust by John Espy

Best Revolutionary War Award sponsored by Michael Roberts limited
"Daniel Morgan's Rifle Company 1775" by Jim Goldsmith

Best Wild West Award:
(No award this year)

Best World War II Award:
“Berlin 1945 – The Party’s Over” by Mark Soltez

Best Non Military Award:
Cy Young by Pete Culos

Special Category Award:
"I am Kilrin" by Peter Culos

Awards sponsored by the Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
Best Aircraft:
DFW CV Halb by Michael Scarborough

Best Armor:
T9E1 by Mike Salzano

MFCA Brian Spruyt Memorial Award for the best American GI - Sponsored by Brian’s friends in his memory to encourage new painters in the subject of American fighting man which was Brian’s favorite subject:
"Daniel Morgan’s Rifle Company 1775” by Jim Goldsmith

Bob Knee Memorial Award for Best U.S. Marine:
(No award this year)

Ron Tunison Memorial Award for Best Sculpture:
(No award this year)

The Vern Minkwitz Memorial Award for most improved painter:
Scott Hershbell

Best Display by an Individual, sponsored by Aero ART International:
(No award this year)

AGMF Best German Subject – Sponsored by Dusseldorf Figure Club:
(No award this year)

(No award this year)

Ordnance (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Ju-87 B2 by Bill Clopper
Tie Fighter by Craig Whitaker

Ordnance (Open) Division - Certificates:
(No award this year)

Advanced (Painters) - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Advanced (Open) - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Terran Combat Walker by Paul Tomczak

Historical (Painters) Division - Certificates:
Roman General by Bob Mason
Capt. Abdullah by Joe Morris
Draw by Ken Hunt
Waterloo by Steven Gundel
German Infantryman by John Meise

Fantasy (Open) Division - Certificates:
(No awards this year)

Historical (Open) Division - Certificates:
Battle of Tanneberg by Ron Meise
Morning Reports by Glenn Mon

Ordnance Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Sopwith “Pup” by Peter Sellgren
P3-C by Glen Hoover

Fantasy Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Skoal by Larry Lee
Peter Pan by Jim Eicker
Little Red Riding Hood, No More by Louis Silva
Abyssal Warlord by Robert Norman
101st Space Borne Trooper by Burt Thompson

Advanced (Painters) - Bronze Medals:
(No awards this year)

Historical Painters Division - Bronze Medals:
Display by Robert Huettner
Gandamak by Eric Mosso
Border Reiver by Jim Eicker
Flats by Michael Goldberg
Lions by Craig Whittaker
Black Knight by Burt Thompson
Little Devil by Scott Shablin
El Feo by Phil Villanueva
German Knight by Glenn Merritt
Soldat De Christo by Robert Norman
Jose d’Espin by Mike Saggs
Who Goes There by J. GoldSmith/ Keefe
Knight of St. Lazarus by Scott Hershbell

Ordnance (Open) - Bronze Medals:
Communism Stops Here Robert Burik

Advanced (Open) - Bronze Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Happy Halloween by Phil Villanueva

Historical Open Division - Bronze Medals:
Flak 36 Emplacement by Andy Tedtsen
Brian Borus and Morrigan by Phil Villanueva
HMS Discovery by Joe Spix
The Invitation by Luis Silva

Ordnance (Painters) - Silver Medals:
Polikarpov I-16 by Paul Tomczak
Jagdpanzer Hetzer by Mike Salzano
Bf-109 E4 by Julius Bonnacci
DFW CV Halb by Michael Scarborough

Ordnance (Open) - Silver Medals:
A7V by Robert Huetner
2PU-4 by Steve Andreano
Cushman Scooter by Burt Thompson

Advanced (Painter's) - Silver Medals:
(No awards this year)

Advanced (Open) - Silver Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Painter's Division - Silver Medals:
Major June Ranson by Scott Hershbel
Dracula by Ken Hunt
Billy Goat by Gary Atlee
Arra the Mermaid by Joe Spix
Artemis by Scott Shablin

Historical Painter's Division - Silver Medals:
78th Highlander by Frank Kahsar
King Under the Mountain by Jack Muldoon
Napolean by Tom Holtz
Celtic Horseman by Luis Silva
Napoleon by John Jeffries
Andesaurus by Paul Tomczak

Fantasy Open Division - Silver Medals:
Warp Wolf by Frank Kahsar

Historical Open Division - Silver Medals:
“Karl, Wobist Unser Panzer?” By Rick Girardin
Dear Sarah by Pete Culos

Ordnance (Painters) - Gold Medals:
M4A3 by Andy Tedtsen
15CM Gun by Steve Andreano

Advanced (Painters) - Gold Medals:
(No awards this year)

Fantasy Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Entire Display of Fantasy Creatures by John Margiotta
Pig & The Elephant by Jack Muldoon
Angry Orc by John Meeks
Ruin by Zach Baez
Father Curwen by Frank Kahsar

Ordnance (Open) - Gold Medals:
T34/85 by Andy Tedtsen
T9E1 by Mike Salzano

Advanced (Open) - Gold Medals:
(No awards this year)

Historical Painters Division - Gold Medals:
Seaforth Highlander by Mark Soltes
Gladiators by John Margiotta
Alexander by Paul Magkonis
Captain of Fusiliers by John Espy
Cy Young by Pete Culos
Lannes by Lou Masses
Fantasy Open Division - Gold Medals:
(No awards this year)

Historical Open Division - Gold Medals:
French 2nd Line Infrantry by Greg DiFranco
“The Parties Over, Berlin 1945” by Mark Soltez
Moon Light Raid by Michael Scarborough
1933 King Kong by Ken Hunt

French 2nd Line Infrantry by Greg DiFranco

Best of Show - Fantasy Category:
(No awards this year)

Best of Show - Historical Category (sponsored by APG):
(No awards this year)

Best of Show - Ordnance Category:
(No awards this year)

Best Grandmaster Exhibit:
(No one eligible)

2016 Grand Master Award(s):
(None awarded this year)