MFCA Show Awards
Special Awards
The MFCA Show Committee and independent groups sponsor a number of awards in areas which are clearly outside the scope of the main exhibition, or in which the show committee wish to encourage interest. Not all awards are given in any year.
Best Revolutionary War
Best New Toy Soldier
Best Old Toy Soldier Dimestore Conversions
Best Medieval
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Best Napoleonic
Best Ancient
Best 20th Century
Best Flat
The Brian Spruyt Memorial Award
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Armor
The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers Best Aircraft
Best Junior Exhibit
Junior Awards

The Junior Level
The Junior Level is for all artists 16 and younger, and it is intended to encourage young members of our hobby to continue to pursue and improve their craft. It includes but is not limited to painted stock figures, major and minor modifications, original sculpture, dioramas, ordnance, sci-fi and fanatsy, among other genres. All exhibits are judged on an equal basis for pewter medals, awards of excellence and certificates of merit.
Certificates of Merit - Junior Level
Awards for Excellence - Junior Level
Pewter Medals - Junior Level

The Advanced Level
The Advanced Level is intended for artists of proven skill and ability. It is divided into three divisions: Painters Division, Open Division, and Ordnance Division (Ordnance is now sub-divided into Painters, for stock kits and Open for heavily converted and scratchbuilt vehicles.). Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Awards of Excellence are awarded in each.
Ordnance Division (Painters)
Ordnance Division (Open)
Painters Division
Open Division
Best Display by an Individual
Best in Show