MFCA Grand Masters
A unique institution of the MFCA is the Grand Master. By the early 70s, it was noted that certain artists were winning a lot of awards at MFCA Shows, due to their excellent and unique work. It was thought that this might be discouraging to others who wanted to exhibit their work but were intimidated. It was decided to declare these multiple winners Grand Masters and make them ineligible for regular awards, thus giving the average person a better chance. Once a few Grand Masters were picked, the MFCA decided that the best judges to award this accolade to others were the previous winners themselves. So, over the last thirty years, a member of the MFCA and all the Grand Masters attending the Annual Show gather and debate and discuss the merits of the artists present and their work, and the uniqueness of their contribution to the hobby. Sometimes the Grand Masters cannot decide between two unique individuals; in others years, there was no artist or work that stood out. The MFCA Grand Masters represent a diverse group of artists from many countries, each with a unique style. They can be recognized by just looking at their work. The title MFCA Grand Master has become an honor in the hobby, recognized by many other hobby organizations around the world.

The Grand Masters
The Grandmaster for 2014 is (are)……. Penny Meyer & Anders Heintz
2017 | No grand master awarded in this year
2016 | Michael Kontraros
2015 | Stephen Mallia
2014 | Penny Meyer and Anders Heintz
2013 | Diego Ruina
2012 | Kostas Kariotellis
2011 | Riccardo Ruberti
2010 | Jason Whitman and Jean-Pierre Duthilleul
2009 | Marion and Alan Ball
2008 | The Cannone Brothers
2007 | Phillippe Gengembre
2006 | Mario Venturi & John Rosengrant
2005 | No grand master awarded in this year
2004 | Christian Petit
2003 | Nello Riveccio and Al Safwat
2002 | Fletcher Clement and Rodrigo Chacon
2001 | Mike Blank
2000 | Mike Taylor
1999 | Doug Cohen and Adrian Bay
1998 | No grand master awarded in this year
1997 | Jim Johnston and Mike Stelzel
1996 | Frank Fernandez
1995 | Ron Tunison
1994 | Bob Knee
1993 | Dennis Levy
1992 | Phil Kessling
1991 | Ron Rudat and Bill Pritchard
1990 | Mike Cusanelli
1989 | No grand master awarded in this year
1988 | Mike Good
1987 | Bill Horan and Greg DiFranco
1986 | No grand master awarded in this year
1985 | Paul Francis
1984 | Phil Bracco
1983 | Mike Leonard
1982 | Andre Koribanics
1981 | No grand master awarded in this year
1980 | Peter Twist
1979 | Joe Keenan and Skip Tyler
1978 | David Kennedy
1977 | Terry Wooster
1976 | Ken Schwartz
1975 | Henri Lion
1974 | Joe Berton
1973 | Ray Anderson
1972 | Shep Paine