2019 Show Vendors

As of April 5th, the following vendors will attend this year's show:

Armies of the World Miniatures-Michael Goldenberg
Army Group Center Wargaming-Gary Green
Armand Bayardi-Model Maker
Artist Preservation Group-Mike Stelzel
B&M Miniatures-Bill Donahue
Birch Tree Enterprises-John Jefferies
Paul Boyd Trains & Toy Soldiers
Counterpane-Bill Graver
William Davis & Son, Booksellers
DearthCo-Doug Dearth
Rich DiBenedetto
Hobby Bunker
John's Models-John Struck
Jim Johnston
Dan Jones
Michael Jones
Last Cavalry-David Youngquist
The Little Tin Soldier-Jack Muldoon
Jim Molenaro
Military History Shop-Matthew Reinert
Minutemen Toy Soldiers-George Guerriero
Charles O'Brien
Picacho Peak Collectibles-Francis Reinprecht
Quartermaster Corps-Carl Hoegermeyer
The Model Cellar-Paul Ardeck
Old Toy Soldier-Ray Haradin
On Military Matters-Dennis Shorthouse
Relic Golden Amusement, Inc-Ed Gries
Studio Miniatures-John Drown
Matthew Thompson
Tradition Studios-Keith Rocco
Treefrog Treasures-Tom Dubel
United Empire Miniatures-Mike Cramer
Kenneth Wallace

Please check back for updates, as more vendors register for the show.